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New scientific grants for IMP PAS

During the first half of 2019 four of the Institute’s scientific employees and PhD students received research fundings for their projects from the National Science Centre:

Dr Sławomir Pieprzyk
Scientific internship in the field of physical properties of two-component system studying (MINIATURA 2),

Dr Mirosław Werwiński
Layered nanostructures for permanent magnet and spintronic applications (SONATA BIS 8),

MSc. Adam Krysztofik - scientific mentor prof. dr hab. Janusz Dubowik
Growth and characterization of yttrium-iron garnet thin films on conducting electrodes (PRELUDIUM 16),

MSc. Łukasz Frąckowiak - scientific mentor prof. dr hab. Feliks Stobiecki
Synthetic and alloy ferrimagnetic films for spintronice device applications (PRELUDIUM 16).

We congratulate the grants beneficiaries and wish them good luck!

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