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Research carried out in our Laboratory "Theory of Nanostructures" concern electrical and magnetic properties of systems with reduced geometry. This class of materials consists not only of traditional, studied for many years, thin films and multilayers, but includes also new man-made artificial systems (e.g., nanowires, nanoparticles, quantum dots and so on). In such systems the spin coherence length is often longer than the size in the current flow direction, so one can control their transport properties with magnetic field. This opens new possibilities for application of nanostructure materials, e.g., as magnetic field sensors and random access memories.

We study the following problems :

  • magnetoresistance of multilayers
  • conductance quantization and current-voltage characteristics
  • magnetic excitations in nanostructures
  • spin-dependent tunneling in metal-insulator junctions
  • Coulomb blockade effect
  • electron correlation effects

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Żel fizyczny utworzony przez żelator methyl-4,6-O-(p-nitrobenzylidene)-α-D-glukopyranozę z butanolem w stężeniu 2%, obraz z polaryzacyjnego mikroskopu optycznego