August 22-26, 1994 Warsaw, POLAND


Institute of Molecular Physics          secretariat
Polish Academy of Sciences          finances
60-179 Poznań, Smoluchowskiego 17          programme
Institute of Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences          local arrangements
02-668 Warsaw, Al. Lotników 32/46
W. Trzebiatowski Institute
for Low Temperature and Structure Research          publications
Polish Academy of Sciences
50-950 Wrocław, Okólna 2


Honorary President:       A. CHEŁKOWSKI, Katowice, Poland
Chairman:       J. MORKOWSKI, Poznań, Poland
Local Chairman:       H. SZYMCZAK, Warsaw, Poland
Secretary:       S. KROMPIEWSKI, Poznań, Poland
Exhibitions, Industrial Sponsorship:       H.K. LACHOWICZ, Warsaw, Poland
Social Programme:       L. MAKSYMOWICZ, Cracow, Poland
Treasurer:       F. STOBIECKI, Poznań, Poland
Publications:       R. TROĆ, Wrocław, Poland


V.G. Baryakhtar, Kiev, Ukraine       J.A. Mydosh, Leiden, The Netherlands
J. Baszyński, Poznań, Poland       H. Puszkarski, Poznań, Poland
I.A. Campbell, Orsay, France       K.V. Rao, Stockholm, Sweden
B.R. Coles, London, UK       E.G. Rudashevsky, Moscow, Russia
D. Fiorani, Rome, Italy       A. Sukiennicki, Warsaw, Poland
F. Gautier, Strasbourg, France       W. Suski, Wrocław, Poland
M.R.J. Gibbs, Sheffield, UK       H. Szymczak, Warsaw, Poland
J. Klamut, Wrocław, Poland       A. Szytuła, Cracow, Poland
J. Kociński, Warsaw, Poland       K. Tsushima, Fukuoka, Japan
L. Kowalewski, Poznań, Poland       P. Wachter, Zuerich, Switzerland
K. Krop, Cracow, Poland       R.M. White, Washington, USA
R. Micnas, Poznań, Poland       P.E. Wigen, Columbus, USA
A. del Moral, Zaragoza, Spain       L.Wojtczak, Łódź, Poland
J. Morkowski, Poznań, Poland       W. Zinn, Juelich, Germany


A. Aharony, Israel       B. Luethi, Germany
A. Arrott, Canada       A.R. Mackintosh, Denmark
S. Barisic, Croatia       K.A. McEwen, UK
R.J. Birgeneau, USA       H.R. Ott, Switzerland
P.F. de Chatel, The Netherlands       S.B. Palmer, UK
J.M.D. Coey, Ireland       S.M. Rezende, Brazil
B.R. Cooper, USA       T.M. Rice, Switzerland
L.M. Falicov, USA       J. Schoenes, Switzerland
J.J.M. Franse, The Netherlands       V. Sechovsky, Czech Republic
A.J. Freeman, USA       J. Spałek, Poland
P. Fulde, Germany       J.O. Stroem-Olsen, Canada
D. Givord, France       M. Suzuki, Japan
P. Gruenberg, Germany       R. Troć, Poland
Yu.A. Izyumov, Russia       A. Zawadowski, Hungary
T. Kasuya, Japan       H.R. Zhai, China
D.P. Landau, USA       


A. Aharony, Israel       H. Kirchmayr, Austria
K.H.J. Buschov, The Netherlands       P.A. Lindgard, Denmark
W.J.L. Buyers, Canada       M.B. Maple, USA
I.A. Campbell, France       Fu-Cho Pu, China
R.A. Cowley, UK       S. M. Rezende, Brazil
U. Gradman, Germany       H. Yasuoka, Japan
Yu.A. Izyumov, Russia       
      J. Morkowski, Poland (Associate Member)


L.Borg       A. Wiśniewski
E. Jędryka       K. Zaveta
R. Szymczak       R. Żuberek
A. Ślawska-Waniewska       



Prof. Albert Fert (Paris, France) and Prof. Peter Gruenberg (Juelich, Germany)
"Layered Magnetic Structures: Interlayer Exchange Coupling and Giant Magnetoresistance"

      The winners received the Award for their outstanding contributions and for their pioneering work in the field of magnetic coupling and magnetoresistance in artificial multilayered structures. They were subsequently invited to present the opening plenary lectures to the assembled Conference participants.

K.H.J. Buschow, The Netherlands
"Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Materials"(Plenary lecture)
R. Gałązka, Poland
"Influence of Electron Subsystem on Magnetic Properties of Semimagnetic Semiconductors" (Plenary lecture)
P.J. Hakonen, Finland
"Nuclear Magnetic Ordering in Silver and Rhodium at Positive and Negative Picokelvin Temperatures"(Plenary lecture)
M. Johnson, USA
"The Bipolar Spin Transistor"(Plenary lecture)
P. Wachter, Switzerland
"The Excitonic Insulator and Its Behavior"(Plenary lecture)
H. Kronmueller, Germany
"Recent Developments in High-Tech Magnetic Materials"(Public lecture)
B. Heinrich, Canada
"MBE Growth and FMR, BLS and MOKE Studies of Exchange Coupling in Fe Whisker/Cr/Fe(001) and Fe/Cu/Fe(001) Loose Spin Structures"
H. v. Loehneysen, Germany
"Critical Behavior of Uniaxial Antiferromagnets with Chirial Symmetry"
C.W. Chu, USA
"Some Recent Discoveries in HTS"
J.M.D. Coey, Ireland
"Future of Permanent Magnetism"
J.C. Slonczewski, USA
"Overview of Interlayer Exchange Theory"
V. Nekvasil, Czech Republic
"Rare-Earth Magnetism in Cuprates"
K.N. Clausen, Denmark
"Crystal Field and Conduction Electrons in Praseodymium"
D.F. McMorrow, UK
"The Magnetic Structure of Rare-Earth Superlattices"
T.E. Mason, USA
"Magnetic Fluctuations and Antiferromagnetic Order in UPd2Al3 and URu2Si3"
P.E. Wigen, USA
"Controlling Chaos in Ferromagnetic Resonance"
P.M. Levy, USA
"Theory of Giant Magnetoresistance"
S.S.P. Parkin, USA
"Origin of Giant Magnetoresistance: Giant Magnetoresistance as a Probe of Interfacial Electronic Character"
Z. Żołnierek, Poland
"Magnetism and Crystal Field Effect in UT2X2 Ternaries"
J.I. Budnick, USA
"Muon-Spin-Rotation Studies of Doping in High-Tc-Superconductors"
A.M. Oleś, Poland
"Effective d8 Model: Phase Diagram and Excitations"
Y. Sugita, Japan
"Magnetic and Moessbauer Studies of Epitaxially Grown Fe16N2 Films with Giant Magnetic Moments"
G.H. Lander, Germany
"Resonant X-Ray Scattering in 5f Magnetism"
D.S. Wang, USA
"First Principles Determination of Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy for Monolayers, Surfaces and Interfaces"
H. Shiba, Japan
"ESR Absorption from the Ground State Haldane Systems: Theory and Experiment"
K. Katsumata, Japan
"Experimental Studies of One-Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems"
A. Hubert, Germany
"Magnetooptical Domain Wall Investigations"
J.J.M. Franse, The Netherlands
"High-Field Studies of Exchange and Anisotropy in R-T Intermetallics"
A. Rettori, Italy
"Surface Magnetic Reconstruction"
J.L. Dormann, France
"Nanophase Magnetic Materials: Size and Interation Effects on Static and Dynamical Properties of Fine Particles"
A.V. Andreev, Russia
"Spontanous Magnetostriction in R-T Intermetallics (T= Co and Fe)"
A.E. Berkowitz, USA
"Exchange Interactions in Heterogeneous Alloy Films"
H. Fujimori, Japan
"Soft Magnetism at Ultra High Frequencies in Multilayers and Granular Thin Films"
B. Johansson, Sweden
"Magnetic Effects on Structural, Elastic and Surface Properties of the 3d Ferromagnets"
E. Chudnovsky, USA
"Magnetic Tunneling"
B. Barbara, France
"Mesoscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetization"
J. Tejada, Spain
"Experiments on Quantum Magnetic Relaxation"
T.J. Hicks, Australia
"Magnetic Deffects in Antiferromagnets"
D.D. Awschalom, USA
"Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in Nanometer-Scale Magnetic Proteins"
E.D. Dahlberg, USA
"Microbes, Microscopy and Magnetism"


State Committee for Scientific Research

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

Polish Physical Society

Żywiec Brewery

Polish Airlines LOT

Optimus S.A.

Oxford Instruments Ltd.

Uni-Export Instruments Ltd.



Number of Participants: 1115

                   230 Japan          19 Austria
         178 Poland          16 Sweden
         85 Germany          13 Romania
         80 United Kingdom          10 China
         76 France          9 Brazil, Denmark, Portugal
         55 Russia          8 Canada, India, Taiwan
         53 USA          7 Australia, Switzerland
         52 Spain          6 Israel
         28 Ukraine          5 Finland, Hungary, Korea, Vietnam,
         27 Czech Republic          4 Belgium
         26 The Netherlands          3 Argentina, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland
         23 Slovakia          2 Belarus, Jordan, South Africa, Yugoslavia
         21 Italy          1 Azerbaijan, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Moldova,
                    Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia




 1. Actinides					17. Magnetic semiconductors
 2. Amorphous magnetism				18. Magnetism in astrophysics
 3. Application of magnetism			19. Magnons, solitons and fluctuations
 4. Biomagnetism				20. Nanocrystalline systems
 5. Crtical phenomena and phase transitions	21. New materials
 6. Domain walls and hysteresis			22. Organic and polymer magnets
 7. Ferrites and garnets			23. Permanents magnets
 8. Fullerens - magnetic and superconducting	24. Photoemission and electronic structure
 9. Heavy fermion systems			25. Rare-earth metals and compounds
10. High Tc superconductors			26. Small particles
11. Invar alloys				27. Superlattices
12. intermediate valence			28. Surfaces and thin films
13. Itinerant magnetism				29. Transition metal compounds
14. Low dimensional magnetism			30. Transitions metals and alloys
15. Magnetic interactions and ordering		31. Miscellaneous compounds
16. Magnetic recording

2050 - number of submitted abstracts

1803 - number of papers included into the programme

1503 - number of papers presented at the Conference

         41 - invited

         194 - contributions at oral sessions

         1368 - posters


The proceedings were published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials as vol. 140-144 (1995 )

1410 - number of submitted manuscripts (including 32 invited papers)

1072 - number of papers selected to the proceedings

Some publications have been accepted for later publication in normal issues of the Journal

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