The European Conference


June 24-27, 2008       Poznan, POLAND

Conference sponsored by European Physical Society


Details about preparation and submission of manuscripts

1. The PM'08 Conference Proceedings will be published as a special issue of
     the Acta Physica Polonica A.

2. The length of contributed papers is limited to 5 printed pages,
     but 10 printed pages in the case of invited talks
     (including all figures, tables and references).

3. All contributed papers will go through a regular procedure of refereeing.

4. The contributions for PM'08 should be written in LaTeX (2.09 or 2e)
     using the style defined in the pmart.sty file.

5. To facilitate preparation of your manuscript you can download the template of
     the contribution. This sample contribution (pmsample.tex + fig.eps)
     is intended to help you in writting your own text by modifying its source.
     Perhaps you will need to download epsf.sty to include EPS file to your text.

      Use the template of the contribution to avoid technical problems

6. Only one contributed paper per registered delegate may be published
    in the Conference Proceedings.

7. Additional details:

   - use current PACS numbers (i.e. for 2008) following this link:

   - if figures are reproduced from other articles the source must be quoted, and
     the permission for the reproduction obtained by Authors from
     the copyrights holder (usually the Publisher) must be enclosed

   - in the references full lists of authors and editors must be written
     (et al. is not allowed)

8. Send us by email ( the electronic version of your paper:
     source file, figures and one printable file (PDF or PS) of your entire manuscript
     including the text as well as all tables and figures. Sending paper, please, use Ref. No. of abstract.

9. Deadline for manuscripts: 15th  May, 2008.

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