The idea of regular scientific meetings of physicist involved in studies of ferroelectrics in Poland and Czechoslovakia followed inevitably from the success of first such event in Błażejewko in 1979. The Seminar was organized by collaborating scientists from the Dielectric Department of the Institute of Physics of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and Ferroelectric Lab of the Institute of Molecular Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences.

Tatra Mountains

We decided to organize Seminars on Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions, by turn, in Poland and in Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) to intensify the cooperation between the scientists of neighboring countries. We used to invite also our colleagues from other European countries who we were collaborating with. The Seminars are the forum of presentation of recent results, unconstrained discussions and initiating of common studies. Lectures on general physics are also a custom of these meetings. The Seminars result not only in scientific integration but also in close friendship.

We invite you cordially to the XVIII-th Polish-Czech Seminar on Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions in May 18-22, 2008 to Zakopane– to the Tatra Mountains.

The places of the Seminars

I.Blażejewko (Poland), 1979X.Paseky nad Jizerou (Czechoslovakia), 1992
II.Mélnik (Czechoslovakia), 1980XI.Paseky nad Jizerou (Czechoslovakia), 1994
III.Kolobrzeg (Poland), 1981XII.Jurata (Poland), 1996
IV.Piesky (Czechosovakia), 1982XIII.Liblice (Czech Republic), 1998
V.Kozubnik (Poland), 1983XIV.Świnoujście (Poland), 2000
VI.Liberec (Czechoslovakia), 1984XV.Nečtiny Castle (Czech Rebublic) 2002
VII.Karpacz (Poland), 1986XVI.Wierzba (Poland) 2004
VIII.Senohraby (Czechoslovakia), 1988 XVII.Znojmo (Czech Republic) (2006)
IX.Poznań-Kiekrz (Poland), 1990