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 Basic Properties and Technology

May 31 - June 2, 2004

Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland


The tentative titles of the talks (if already delivered) are also listed below.

G. Bayreuther, Regensburg, Germany “Spin excitations in nanomagnets”

P. Bruno, Halle, Germany  "Magnetism of surface and nanostructures”

D. Bürgler, Jülich, Germany “Magnetic interlayer exchange coupling“

N. García, Madrid, Spain “Large observed ballistic magnetoresistance is an electronic effect”

J. M. George, Paris, France, “Spin transport in semiconductors”

O. Gutfleisch, Dresden, Germany, “Advanced nanostructured hard magnets”

P.J. Kelly, Enschede, The Netherlands "Materials specific spin transport theory"

G. Reiss, Bielefeld, Germany “New materials and applications for magnetic tunnel junctions”

G. Schön, Karlsruhe, Germany  “Spin-dependent transport through quantum dots”   

H. J. M. Swagten, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, "Fundamental aspects of spin-polarized tunneling"

P. E. Wigen, Columbus,”Ferromagnetic resonance force microscopy"

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