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 Basic Properties and Technology

May 31 - June 2, 2004

Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland


A. Bajorek and G. Chełkowska - XPS Study, Magnetic and Electric Properties of GdNi5 - xCux SYSTEM

D. E. Bürgler, R. R. Gareev, L. L. Pohlmann, H. Braak, M. Buchmeier, M. Luysberg, R. Schreiber, and P. A. Grünberg - Interlayer Exchange Coupling Across Epitaxial Si Spacers

J. Dubowik, Y. Kudryavtsev, Y. P. Lee , N. N. Lee, and B. S. Hong - Influence of Structural Order on Magnetic Properties of Ni2MnIn Heusler Alloy Films

J.-M. George, H. Jaffres, R. Mattana, M. Elsen, F. Nguyen Van Dau, A. Fert, B. Lépine, A. Guivarc’h, and G. Jézéquel - Electrical Spin Detection in GaMnAs-Based Tunnel Junctions: Theory and Experiments

J. Gutek, R. Czajka, S. Suto, A. Wawro, and A. Kasuya - Quantum Size Effect in Ag Islands Formed on Si(111)-(7x7)

Z. Henkie, R. Wawryk, D. Gnida, A. Wojakowski, and C. Marucha - On Two-level-system Kondo State Formation in Thorium Pnictochalcogenides

B. Idzikowski, A. Szajek, and S. Kostyrya - Recent Developments and Future of Soft Magnets with Nanocrystalline Cr23C6-Type Phase

Jaroslaw Jakubowicz - Current Oscillations in NH4F Electrolytes and AFM Study of n-Si (111)

A. Jezierski and A. Szytuła - Band Structure of Ternary YbTM (T = Transition Metal, M = Sn, Bi) Compounds

M. Kąc, M. Toulemonde, J. Jaworski, J. Juraszek, R. Kruk, S. Protsenko, V. Tokman, and M. Marszałek - Ion Modification of the Magnetotransport Properties of Fe/Cr Multilayers

P. J. Kelly, M. Zwierzycki, K. Xia, M. Talanana, and G. E. W. Bauer - First-principles Scattering Matrices for Spin-transport

M. Krawczyk, H. Puszkarski and J.-C. S. Lévy - Size-induced Localization of Quantized Magnetostatic Modes in Dipolar Nanocubes

Z. Kurant, A.Wawro, A. Maziewski, A. Maneikis, and L. T. Baczewski - The Influence of Annealing on Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Cobalt Film

M. Kwiecień and G. Chełkowska - Magnetic, Electric and XPS Study of Gd1 - xRxNi3 (R = Y, Ce) Compounds

S. Lipiński and B. R. Bułka - Coherent Transport Through Double Dot System

A. Maziewski, M. Kisielewski, Z. Kurant, M. Tekielak, A. Wawro, and L. T. Baczewski - Tuning of Ultrathin Cobalt Film Magnetic Properties by Underlayer and Overlayer Structures

N. Ranjan, R. Gutiérrez, S. Krompiewski, and G. Cuniberti - Electron Transport in Carbon Nanotube-metal Systems: Contact Effects

G. Reiss, J. Schmalhorst, H. Brückl, A. Thomas, J. Schotter, M. Brzeska, A. Hütten, and S. Kämmerer - New Materials and Applications for Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

K. Smardz, A. Szajek, L. Smardz, and M. Jurczyk - Electronic Properties of Nanocrystalline Mg2Ni-type Alloys

L. Smardz and K. Smardz - Growth and Coercivity Behaviour in Fe/Zr Multilayers

B. J. Spisak and A. Paja - Relaxation Times of Electrons in Quasi-two-dimensional Disordered Systems

W. Stefanowicz, M. Kisielewski, and A. Maziewski - Numerical Simulations of Magnetization Distribution and Magnetization Processes in Ultrathin Films

T. Stobiecki, J. Kanak, J. Wrona, M. Czapkiewicz, C. G. Kim, C. O. Kim, M. Tsunoda and M. Takahashi - Correlation Between Microstructure and Exchange Coupling Parameters of Ir-Mn Based MTJ

T. Toliński, K. Lenz, J. Lindner , E. Kosubek, C. Sorg, M. Bernien, A. Scherz, H. Wende, and K. Baberschke - Interlayer Exchange Coupling and Damping Processes in Coupled Trilayer Systems

P. Tomczak, D. Maksymiuk, and A. R. Ferchmin - Size dependence of TC in Ni Thin Films and Nanowires. The Problem of Range of Interactions

M. Urbaniak, F. Stobiecki, T. Luciński, and B. Szymański - Magnetization and Magnetoresistance Correlation in NiFe/Au/Co/Au Multilayers

P. Wandziuk, M. Kopcewicz , B. Szymański, and T. Luciński - Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe/SixFe1 x Multilayers

Justyna Wiśniewska, Ireneusz Weymann, and Józef Barnaś - Transport characteristics of ferromagnetic single-electron transistors

P. Wiśniowski, T. Stobiecki, M. Czapkiewicz, J. Wrona, M. Rams, C. G. Kim, M. Tsunoda, and M. Takahashi - Temperature Dependence of Tunnel Magnetoresistance of IrMn Based MTJ

M. Zwierzycki, Y. Tserkovnyak, P. J. Kelly, A. Brataas, and G. E. W. Bauer - First-principles Study of Magnetization Relaxation Enhancement in Thin Magnetic Films

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