Curriculum Vitae
Bogdan Ryszard  BUŁKA

born 25/09/1951 in Szczecin, Poland
married: wife - Danuta, son Blazej

University Education and Scientific Career:

1974    M. Sc. in physics –  at A. Mickiewicz University, Poznań;
1976    M. Sc. in mathematics  –  at A. Mickiewicz University, Poznań;
1979    Ph. D. in physics  –   at IMP;
1989    Habilitation in Solid State Physics – at IMP;
2003    Title of Professor in Physics 

Management and Activities in the Scientific Community

1991 – 1992    Director for Scientific Matter in IMP;
1992 – 1998    General Director of IMP;
1998 – 2003    Associated Professor in IMP;
Since 2003      Professor position at IMP;
2006 – 2011    Leader of Molecular Crystal Laboratory in IMP;

Since 2011    Leader of Department of Solid State Theory in IMP

Since 2013     Head of Division of Physics of Magnetics and Cooperative Phenomena


Participant in various activities in ICTP-Trieste (1979-1989);
DFG fellowship in Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig (1984-1987);
Member of Committee for Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences (1996-1998);
Evaluator and reviewer of grants in the section of physics in the Polish Research Committee at the Ministry for Sciences and Informatics (2003– 2005);
Since 1992 – member of Scientific Council at IMP

Organization of Conferences (examples)
European Conference on Physics of Magnetism, Poznań – 1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014;
International Conference on Magnetism, Warsaw, 22-26 August 1994;
International Conference on Electron Localization and Quantum Transport in Solids, Jaszowiec – 1996;
NATO Advanced Research Workshop Molecular Low Dimensional and Nanostructured Materials for Advanced Applications, Poznań 2001;
Conference on New Concepts and Materials For Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology, Puszczykowo – 2004;
Workshop on 'Quantum Transport, Magnetic Nanodevices and Spintronics',  Naples, 09-13 December 2007

1st FoNE Conference, Nanoelectronics 2008, Taormina, 29 June-3 July 2008
2nd FoNE Workshop, Palermo, 15-18 December 2008

Final network meeting and workshop Nanoelectronics: Concepts, Theory and Modelling,

23-27 September 2013, Wąsowo Palace

Research Projects

Leader in 12 national research projects and participant in 4 national projects funded by KBN, MNiSW and NCN;

Involvement in international projects:

2010 – 2013     Leader of the Polish node of Marie Curie Initial Training Networks Nanoelectronics: Concepts, Theory and Modelling (NanoCTM) within 7 Programme Framework EU
2006 2009     Coordinator of the project
Spin-dependent transport and electronic correlations in nanostructures(SPINTRA) within EUROCORES FoNE organized by European Science Foundation
2004 – 2008     Leader of the Polish node of Marie Curie Research Training Network "Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics" within 6 Programme Framework EU
2003 – 2005    Coordinator of
Centre of Excellence „Magnetic and Molecular Materials for Future Electronics " within 6 Programme Framework EU
1998 – 2002     Participant in COST program Action P5, Domain : Physics, Mesoscopic electronics
1994 – 1998    Partner in research project of European Commission PECO „Frontiers in condensed matter physics: interacting electrons in superconductors and materials of reduced geometry”


2003 – 2009 Lectures on Physics of Magnetics at Department of Technical Physics, Technical University Poznań;
2006  Lectures on Fundamentals of Nanolectronics, at Department of Technical Physics, Technical University Poznań;
1996, 2006 Lectures on Physics of Magnetism for Ph. D. students in


Promoted PhD

Grzegorz Michałek “Transport jednoelektronowy w magnetycznych złączach tunelowych” – IMP 2001

Wojciech Babiaczyk “Koherentny transport elektronowy przez modelowe układy molekularne” – IMP 2005

Sahib Babaee Tooski “Quantum entanglement, Kondo effect, and electronic transport in quantum dots system” – IMP 2015

Jakub Łuczak „Splątanie i kwantowe operacje logiczne indukowane polem elektrycznym w układzie trzech kropek kwantowych” – IMP 2015

Awards for scientific achievements
1979 Prize of the Director of the Institute of the Molecular Physics, PAS
1983 Prize of the Secretary for Scientific Matters of the Polish Academy of Sciences
1989 Prize of the Secretary of the III Division of the Polish Academy of Sciences
1990 Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland
2015 Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta

Scientific publications

Total number over 140