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Department of Auxetics, Functional Materials
and Computer Simulations
Jakub W. Narojczyk Assistant Professor   


Jakub W. Narojczyk, Ph.D., Eng.

I work as an Adjunct Professor in the Institure of Molecular Physcis Polish Academy of Sciences in PoznaƄ. I conduct research (by means of computer simulations) on elastic properties of model materials, with the emphasis on their Poisson's ratio. The research are aimed at search for systems for which the Poisson's ratio takes negative values (such materials are called Auxetics), as well as searching for mechanisms and phenomena responsible for the decrease of the Poisson's ratio of materials. Currently, my studies are focused on the influence of various forms of inclusions in the atomic structure on the elastic properties (Poisson's ratio in particular) of various model system.

I'm also interested in topics related to the information technology (IT) in general with the emphasis on programming, numerical methods, algorithms for computer simulations, and the development of software for scientific computing as well as other subjects regarding programming and simulations on high performance computer (HPC) clusters under Linux/Unix class operating systems. I am also interested in microcontroller programming, embedded systems, and electronics.

Information that can be found on this page is related to subjects that I currently work on, had worked on, or ones that fall in the area of my recent interests. Please note however, that this web page is not complete. The content will gradually extend in time.