Final network meeting and workshop

Nanoelectronics: Concepts, Theory and Modelling

23-27 September 2013, Wąsowo Palace near Poznań, Poland





1. The National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industrie in Szreniawa

The Museum is located on the fringes of The National Park of Wielkopolska and is near to Poznań. It became open to the public in 1964 and nowadays is the main institution of agricultural museology in Poland, covering processing and agricultural-food industry as well as rural (farm) building.

The collections (about 21 000 objects) cover such fields as technique, ethnography, nature, history and art.

In September 2013, during the event “Autumn in the countryside”, one can see the agricultural machinery (e.g. threshing machine, horse mill, locomobiles) at work.

About Museum


2. Poznań

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