PM'14 Venue
photo by Rafał Wojtyniak

The Conference will be held from June 26 through June 30 at the Campus of the Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Collegium Physicum, Umultowska 85

How to get to Collegium Physicum - in Polish

Localization of Collegium Physicum on the city map: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap

Municipal transportation: information, timetables

Transportation to and from Poznań: Poznań Airport, Trains timetable

Transportation to Collegium Physicum from Poznań Airport, from train station Poznań Główny.

Information about taxi

After arrival, the simplest way of getting to your hotel is to hire a taxi. The taxi ranks are conveniently located next to both the airport and the train station.

We recommend using one of the following taxi corporations:
Euro Taxi, phone: +48 61 8 111 111
RMI Taxi, phone: +48 61 8 219 219 or 196 68

The names (phone numbers) should be clearly displayed on the roof and side doors.

Look out for other taxi drivers, especially the ones with displayed phone numbers not beginning with "61" (Not all taxi drivers are honest).

The Price for a ride from the airport to the Vivaldi Hotel should not exceed 30PLN (or 45PLN on a sunday or during the night).

The Price from the train station Poznań Główny (Poznań Main Station) to the Vivaldi Hotel should not exceed 15PLN (or 22PLN on a sunday or during the night).

In general, the taxi price consists of a starting price (approx. 6.50 PLN), and a price for the 2nd and each next kilometer (approx. 2.50 PLN). Taxi prices in Poznań are regulated and they can't exceed starting price of 7 PLN and price for fares longer than 1 km mustn't exceed 3 PLN per kilometer.

During night hours and on sundays prices are 50% higher.


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