1st Poznań School of Physics of NanoMagnetism - POSNAMAG 2014

POSNAMAG 2014 is a satellite event to the Physics of Magnetism 2014 (PM'14) Conference


1. Dates


2. Place

NanoBioMedical Centre, Adam Mickiewicz University, Umultowska 85, Poznań, Poland

3. Scholarship

Scholarships (from CEEPUS and Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education) were granted to cover the stay of all Participants in Poznań, Poland. Participants from CEEPUS countries should register in CEEPUS (www.ceepus.info) in order to take part in the School.

4. Accommodation

Double and triple rooms with kitchen and bathroom are reserved at the Apartments I.M.A. for all the Participants
The rooms are reserved from the 19.06.2014 in the afternoon (suggested guests arrival) to the 30.06.2014 in the morning (suggested guest departure) for all the Participants.

5. Programme of lectures and workshops

The School will feature lectures and workshops at the NanoBioMedical Centre in Poznań, Poland. The topics will include methods of preparation and characterization of nanostructures. In addition, it will include sessions of the Physics of Magnetism 2014 (PM'14) Conference (www.ifmpan.poznan.pl/pm14). The PM'14 lectures and poster sessions are free of charge for all the Participants of the POSNAMAG 2014 School.
Detailed Programme will be announced soon.

6. Presentation

All the Participants are asked to prepare a 30 min presentation which will concern the topic of their study. The talk should be given in English. The speakers should mainly focus on the methods of samples preparation and characterization.

7. Contact


8. Organizer:

NanoBioMedical Centre, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

9. Sponsors:

CEEPUS Bureau for academic recognition and international exchange


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