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Award of the Polish Liquid Crystal Society for Dr. Magdalena Knapkiewicz

Polish Liquid Crystal Society

Dr. Magdalena Knapkiewicz took the third place in the Competition of the Polish Liquid Crystal Society "for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of liquid crystals" defended in the period from 16/07/2018 to 30/09/2020.

Congratulations to our laureate and we wish her further great scientific successes!


24th Poznań Festival of Science and Art

Poznański Festiwal Nauki i Sztuki

We invite you to the Poznań Festival of Science and Art organized on November 8-19 in a new, hybrid formula, in which live meetings will be combined with online activity, broadcast in real time.

During the festival, our institute will present on-line shows: “The wave is not equal to another wave”, ”Warm, getting warmer”, “Why are liquid crystals fascinating?”, “Twisted electrons on a racetrack”, “A revolution in displaying an image: from a cathode ray tube to quantum dots”, “Quantum processor and qubits”, “Fuel cells - green energy”, and a live show in the Old Market Square “States of matter - solid, liquid and gas - is that all?“

The "Festival" is an academic event popularizing science and art among the community of Poznań and the surrounding area, as well as participants from other regions of the country.

Program and information:

Prime Minister's Award for Dr. Krzysztof Ptaszyński

Nagrody Prezesa Rady Ministrów

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki awarded Dr. Krzysztof Ptaszyński for an outstanding doctoral dissertation defended in 2020. It is a great distinction and recognition for Dr. Ptaszynski's scientific achievements and also for the activities of our Institute.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Krzysztof Ptaszyński and also wish him further great scientific successes.

Letter from The Office of Prime Minister.

4th National Scientific Conference "Biopolymers - source of new materials"

On behalf of the TYGIEL Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Development, we invite you to participate in the 4th National Scientific Conference "Biopolymers - the source of new materials".The event will take place on October 14 as an online meeting. The aim of the conference is to present the knowledge and the latest scientific achievements in the field of modern biopolymers and their potential applications in drug delivery systems, stem cell technology, intelligent materials and in regenerative medicine.

The Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the Honorary Patron of this conference.

Ranking list for Poznań Doctoral School of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Ranking list – Contest No 25/2021/IFM/PSD for Poznań Doctoral School of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

POLAGRA 2021 (October 4-6)


We invite you to visit the booth of the Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences at POLAGRA 2021, which will be held on October 4-6 at the Poznań International Fair. We will present the potential of using modern experimental methods in the area of food science and food supplies.

POLAGRA is an event with the longest business tradition in Poland. An undoubted advantage of the fair is its diversity (food-foodtech-horeca), which enables presenting products and solutions both for the food industry (food) and new technologies in food production (foodtech), as well as solutions that improve the sector of the foodservice industry (horeca).

The formula of the fair combines meetings and training, culinary workshops, tastings, and contests. The main event will be the "POLAGRA EXPORT MEETING", the congress supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

Detailed information on POLAGRA 2021 is available at

Researchers' Night - it is time for a Summary

As part of this year's edition of the Researchers' Night, "S.O.S. for the Earth ”, our employees and PhD students presented 15 popular science movies promoting physics. In a Live Studio Dr. Hab. Adam Rachocki, prof. IFM PAN (Vice-Director of Administrative Affairs) and Dr. Iwona Płowaś-Korus (IFM PAN Press Spokesman) presented the Program prepared for the Researchers' Night and the potential of "green hydrogen” to provide clean power for manufacturing and transportation. During the gala, Dr. Eng. Dorota Dardas – the Coordinator of the Researchers' Night at IFM PAN, was awarded the Star Statuette. We invite you to visit the gallery.

We would like to thank the Organizing Committee of IFM PAN, moviemakers, and all those who were involved actively in the production of this remarkable event. Thank you for your commitment and congratulate you on your great ideas. We also congratulate Dr. Eng. Dorota Dardas on the honorable mention and express our sincere thanks for the efforts that she has been contributing to the popularization of science and strengthen the image and identification of our institute since 2018.

Photo report from the fair "WINO - Polish Wine and Vineyards Fair"

WINE - The Fair of Polish Wines and Vineyards

The Institute of Molecular Physics PAS took part in another commercial event "WINO - Polish Wines and Vineyards Fair" organized by the MTP Group on August 27-29, 2021, during which it presented its latest achievements in the study of vinification processes.

The fair was an excellent opportunity for us to learn about the details and specifics of wine and cider production technology and also about the challenges faced by domestic producers of these spirits. The offer and research possibilities of our institute met with great interest not only of exhibitors, but also of visitors, including physics enthusiasts.

We invite you to see the photo report from the fair.

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