Conference Proceedings

In response to multiple requests, deadline for paper submission has been extended to August 31st, 2023.

Manuscripts submitted by the participants of the PM'23 Conference will be published after peer review process in Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

Only one paper per registered participant may be submitted.

The final decision about paper acceptance/rejection will be made by the PM'23 Editors, on the basis of two peer reviews and final journal Editor assessment of manuscript overall quality, as accepted papers need to meet the highest standards of JMMM. A resubmission of rejected papers will be not possible due to strict time constraints.

The recommended length is eight journal pages for invited papers and four journal pages for contributed papers. But most importantly, length of the paper has to be adequate for the scientific content presented.

Detailed instructions on the preparation of manuscripts for submission are available on the JMMM site (Guide for Authors).

The on-line submission system (JMMM Editorial Manager) is now open. It is important that the Authors select the correct article type, namely VSI: PM23.

You can contact publication committee by e-mail to or


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