New projects and research activities at IFM PAN

We are pleased to announce that our six scientists are winners of the last editions of the National Science Center competitions.

Prof. dr hab. Eng. Dariusz Kaczorowski received funds in the amount of PLN 2,328,000 for the implementation of the OPUS 21 project "Anomalous electron transport in magnetic insulators and topological semimetals", which will be carried out jointly by the INTiBS PAN and the IFM PAN.

Dr. hab. Eng. Mirosław Werwiński received funds in the amount of PLN 1,994,600 for the OPUS 21 project "Search for permanent magnets free of heavy rare earths using machine learning".

As part of the MINIATURE 5 call for proposals, funding for scientific activities was also obtained by:

  • Dr. Eng. Karol Synoradzki received PLN 49,940 for the research activity MINIATURA 5 "Thermoelectric nanocomposites based on Heusler alloys made of amorphous precursors".
  • Dr. Eng. Przemysław Skokowski received PLN 49,500 for the scientific activity "Synthesis of thin layers of Lavesa RCo2 (R - rare earth) phases for magnetocaloric applications".
  • Dr. Eng. Hubert Głowiński received PLN 48,070 for the scientific activity "The influence of antiferromagnetic ordering on the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya impact".
  • Dr. Eng. Jakub Wojciech Narojczyk received for the scientific activity PLN 36,212 for the action "f.c.c. crystals of hard spheres with atomic and molecular inclusions - a comparison of auxeticity”.

We congratulate all beneficiaries on their successes and wish them good luck in implementing their projects!

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Żel fizyczny utworzony przez żelator methyl-4,6-O-(p-nitrobenzylidene)-α-D-glukopyranozę z butanolem w stężeniu 2%, obraz z polaryzacyjnego mikroskopu optycznego