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Seminarium instytutowe - prof. dr hab. Lucyna Firlej

Instytut Fizyki Molekularnej Polskiej Akademii Nauk zaprasza na wykład pt. Gromadzenie wodoru dla celów transportowych: mity i rzeczywistość, który wygłosi prof. dr hab. Lucyna Firlej (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb Université de Montpellier, France).

Wykład odbędzie się w auli Instytutu Fizyki Molekularnej PAN, dnia 26 października 2022 roku o godzinie 13:00.

Nobel Prize for research into entangled quantum states

This year's Nobel Prize winners in Physics are Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for pioneering research into the entangled quantum states underlying quantum computing. The work of the winners was used, among others, for building quantum computers, performing quantum teleportation, or in quantum cryptographic methods.

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RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT is already finished


After a difficult pandemic time, this year's Researchers' Night has exceeded all expectations.
We would like to thank the organizers of the Researchers' Night at IMP PAS and everyone who was involved in the presentation of laboratories, shows, workshops, and preparation of film materials, as well as volunteers and persons facilitating the course of the event. Thanks to all for their efforts, time and sacrifice they made.

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Invitation to the ISyDMA'7 conference


The International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (ISyDMA'7) will be held on December 6-8, 2022. This year's conference, as the seventh meeting in the series, is organized online by the Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University (Faculty of Physics) in Poznań and its Foundation. We cordially invite young scientists in particular, to participate in the conference and inspiring lectures presented by recognized scientists from the international scientific community.
We highly encourage you to visit the official website of the conference.

RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT for the fifth time at IMP PAS

Researchers Night 2022

This year’s Researchers’ Night at our Institute will start on September 30 at 4:00 p.m.

We currently have special occasion to be happy because we will be celebrating a small jubilee – this is the fifth time when IMP PAS takes part in the event, which aims to bring the scope of scientists' activity closer to the public. We want to create an opportunity to get to know each other in an atmosphere of fun and to show how we can popularize science in interesting ways. Our scientists will prepare many attractions and surprises for you, incl. interesting experiments, workshops, and visits to research laboratories. “In the Labyrinth of Physics" we will demonstrate to our guests that, according to the thesis of the EU project HORIZON-MSCA-2022-CITIZENS-01, "The future of the Earth is possible thanks to the continuous cooperation between scientists from various fields". We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the program prepared by our employees: :

We are overjoyed that this year we will be able to meet together in the real word and not only online as it has been during the two previous editions. The registration of participation in the events is available online at:

We cordially invite you to join us at IMP PAS:


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