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35th Scientific Workshops "Summer with Helium"

Between 26th June and 6th July 2019 the 35th Scientific Workshops “Summer with Helium were held at the Department of Low Temperature Physics IMP PAS in Odolanów. The main theme of this year's Workshops was "Low temperature physics".

Science Workshops "Summer with Helium" are a unique meeting between young people, pupils and students, and the most outstanding physicists from all over Poland.

As part of the 35th Workshops, on July 5, a special jubilee session “Helium in Odolanów – science, industry, education” took place in memory of Professor Jan Stankowski – the creator and longtime scientific director of "Summer with Helium".


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Żel fizyczny utworzony przez żelator methyl-4,6-O-(p-nitrobenzylidene)-α-D-glukopyranozę z butanolem w stężeniu 2%, obraz z polaryzacyjnego mikroskopu optycznego