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Scientists from the Thin Layers group honored by Physical Review Letters magazine

Physical Review Letters

The article “Magnetic Domains without Domain Walls: A Unique Effect of He+ Ion Bombardment in Ferrimagnetic Tb/Co Films” has been highlighted by editors of Physical Review Letters magazine.
The publication is a result of a cooperation between the IMP PAS, University of Bialystok, Institute of Electronic Materials Technology oraz University of Kassel. The leading authors of the article are a group of scientists from Thin Layers Department of the IMP PAS: Mgr Łukasz Frąckowiak, Dr hab. Piotr Kuświk, Dr Gabriel David Chaves-O’Flynn, Dr hab. Maciej Urbaniak and Prof. Feliks Stobiecki.

According to PRL Editorial Board: “A highlighted Letter has additional significance, because only about one Letter in six is highlighted as a Suggestion due to its particular importance, innovation, and broad appeal”.


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